The Tripp Healy Foundation's Philanthropic Efforts:

Evanston Township High school Football

Tripp Healy will forever be associated with ETHS football. This is a program with approximately 150 student athletes across all levels. Each year the ETHS Football program raises funds to support the needs of all their student-athletes. The Tripp Healy Foundation has provided financial assistance to defray the cost of the varsity team's summer retreat to Illinois Wesleyan University and contributed to the program in order to allow all ETHS football players the opportunity to be a part of this program. The THF is proud to carry on Tripp's legacy by supporting Evanston football.

Tripp Healy's Legacy at St. Joan of Arc

St. Joan of Arc school officially retired Tripp's football jersey at the 2014 Summer Gala (which was held at SJA) and the Tripp Healy Foundation has continued to nurture it's relationship with Tripp's alma mater. As a show of it's support of SJA, the Tripp Healy Foundation has made significant donations to the school's general scholarship fund and has provided financial aid scholarships for individual student athletes at St. Joan's.

"I want to thank you so much on behalf of my kids and myself for your unbelievably generous offer to help with tuition at SJA. I hope my kids will one day understand what a gift has been provided them. SJA is a constant source of comfort to me. Please forward my thanks to any and all that made your generosity possible."

- St. Joan of Arc Parent of THF Scholarship Recipients



Student-Athlete Tuition Assistance at Loyola Academy

Tripp touched a great many people in his life and though he attended ETHS, he was close with many people in the Loyola Academy family. To honor this connection, the Tripp Healy Foundation has provided financial tuition assistance to multiple deserving Loyola Academy student-athletes whose families experienced sudden and unexpected financial hardship. By providing this assistance, the THF endeavors to serve as a "Guardian Angel" to these hard-working student athletes so their dreams of graduating from Loyola Academy can be realized.

"I am writing to you to thank you for providing me with this scholarship. It truly is a blessing and I am very thankful for the opportunity to continue my education at Loyola Academy." 

- Loyola Student-Athlete and THF Scholarship Recipient

partnersHIP with urban initiatives

The Tripp Healy Foundation is a proud supporter of Urban Initiatives, which provides children in grades K-4 with the chance to belong to a soccer team, regardless of skill level. Children are taught important lessons about health, character, and teamwork by their coach. The THF has sponsored Urban Initiative participants during the school year and also to support Urban Initiative participanta attedance at leadership camp in the summer.

"This scholarship will help his family send him to Teen Camp with House in the Wood, a summer camp that prepares young people to become leaders in their communities." - Urban Initiatives

Evanston Jr. Wildkit football

The Tripp Healy Foundation is proud to support youth football in Evanston by making a $2000 contribution to the general scholarship fund of Evanston Jr. Wildkit Football. This organization has provided an athletic outlet for Evanston youth for twenty years and puts particular emphasis on character building and academic achievement. The program provides an athletic outlet for approximately 200 elementary and middle school aged participants with 40-50% of those needing some financial assistance. With Tripp's connection to Evanston Football, we're confident he would be proud to support the Junior Wildkit football program.

"We are truly grateful for this support. This financial assistance will definitely change young athletes' lives in Evanston"

- Seth Himrod, Director Evanston Jr. Wildkit Youth Football

 As Tripp would say, " hands in the state."

As Tripp would say, " hands in the state."